Full-featured aviation GPS app for Android phones and tablets.
Built by pilots, for pilots.

Feature Overview
  • Reliable Navigation

    Naviator's moving map technology uses your Android device's GPS receiver to precisely pinpoint your location. Our comprehensive database further enhances the map with information relevant to your flight. Naviator is situational awareness at it's best!

  • Global Database

    At 123west we spend a great deal of time gathering data from various sources and massaging it into our proprietary navigation database. The Naviator database features over 53,000 airports and navaids from all over the world, including private airports! Updates are issued every 56 days consistent with the ICAO AIRAC cycle.

  • Information at Your Fingertips

    Communication frequencies, weather, runway information, TFRs. It's all there! Connect Naviator to an ADS-B weather receiver and get weather updates while you fly.

What People Are Saying
This is a work horse app for me. I use it on long cross country flights under IFR. ADS-B weather is stable and working great. I'm very happy. Valerie V.
Great app even for sim enthusiasts. Whether in a plane or at my simulator linked to P3D or FSX, it's a valuable tool. Keep those updates and improvements coming! Charles E.
...Love the quick plan mode, rubber band route change feature, and altitude optimizer for wind aloft. This app works great on my Samsung tablet! James S.
Love it! Just returned from my first long cross country with Naviator. Great app for my Nexus 7, and my SG3. Robert S.
Latest News
  • November 8 2016

    Naviator version 3.8.2 has been released. This version includes improvements to the search and rescue features as well as various bug fixes.
  • September 20 2016

    Naviator version 3.8 has been released. This version adds Search and Rescue search patterns and ARTCC frequencies.
  • January 22 2016

    Naviator version 3.7 has been released. This version adds support for importing custom airspace via OpenAir airspace files.
  • January 18 2015

    Naviator version 3.6.1 has been released. The version adds support for the pitot-static features of the iLevil AW ADS-B receiver, and adds support for the Dual XGPS 190 ADS-B receiver.