FAA AeroNav Charts

A Naviator subscription includes digital FAA sectionals, terminal area charts, IFR enroute charts, approach plates, and airport diagrams. Naviator will automatically notify you when new chart editions become available. Keeping your charts current has never been easier!
  • Geo-Referenced Charts
    Geo-referenced VFR sectionals & TACs are included with a Naviator subscription.
    High Zoom Levels
    Zoom in close for easy reading.
    IFR Enroute Charts
    Naviator features geo-referenced IFR enroute (HI/LO) charts.
    FAA Approach Plates
    View approach plates side-by-side with an enroute chart, or fullscreen. The choice is yours.
    Geo-Referenced Approach Plates
    Add geo-referencing to the FAA approach plates with an optional Seattle Avionics ChartData subscription and see your exact location on the approach plates while you fly!
    Geo-Referenced Airport Diagrams
    Taxiing at night or at an unfamiliar airport can be a stressful experience. With a Seattle Avionics ChartData subscription you can taxi with confidence! A ChartData subscription adds geo-referencing information to the standard FAA airport diagrams, so you'll always know exactly where you are.